Corner Boards
Our Corner boards are made from strong durable & environmental friendly materials
We are the leading supplier of Corner and Edge Boards. If you need a cheap, flexible, yet strong method to reinforce your packaging we have you covered.
These are made of a multi-layer of Kraft paper and bonded from V-shape or 90 degree and other shapes. They are used to protect edges of goods in transit. The lengths and width are made according to the client’s specifications.



Strapping protectors
These are designed to protect your product during storage and shipment. Manufactured from recycled paper, they are designed to reduce product damage by providing added stacking strength and stability, protection from strapping used to secure loads and edge protection by absorbing load impact at loadcorners.

Edge protector
In need of strapping for shipping and packing edge protectors for shipping? You won’t find better selection, lower prices or more helpful customer service than with us!