Wooden Pallet Prices in Kenya

Wooden Pallet Prices in Kenya
  • April 25, 2022

Wooden Pallet Prices in Kenya

Wooden pallets are among the most vital tools for business owners and homeowners. Business owners can use heat-treated pallets for storage in factories and warehouses. Moreover, they can also use wooden pallets to transport their goods locally and abroad. Similarly, homeowners can use pallets to store and transport foods and other home essentials. Furthermore, homeowners can buy pallets for DIY projects like home décor, farmhouse décor, and pallet walls. Other ideas with wooden pallets include pallet bookcases, pallet tables, pallet beds, and more.

But how much do wooden pallets for sale cost? Let Kenpack Limited guide you on wooden pallet prices.

Why do Pallets Have Different Prices?

If you have been shopping around for wooden pallets, you have probably noticed that pallet prices vary. The truth is that various factors like the price of wood, shipping cost, sizes, and labor determine pallet prices. Let’s discuss these factors in detail below.


  • Cost of Raw Materials


One of the factors that determine the cost of wooden pallets for sale is the cost of the raw materials. The lumber used to manufacture wooden pallets combines oak and yellow pine. Wooden pallet manufacturers use oak to add strength to the pallets. Above all, oak is readily available. They also use pine to give the pallets a high strength to weight ratio. In addition, pine is easy to dry because it’s softwood. It is also easy to treat to keep molds, fungi, and pests at bay. The costs of each raw material will determine the final price.


  • The Cost of the Fasteners


Of course, your wooden pallet manufacturer will also factor in the type of fasteners and quantity required for your wooden pallet project. Like other raw materials, market forces will also influence the cost of the fasteners.


  • Labor Costs


The required labor will also affect pallet prices. Reliable wooden pallet suppliers always take extra care to treat and examine each pallet. This means that the pallet costs might be higher, for all the good reasons.


  • The Order Volume


Your pallet order volume will also determine the cost. Of course, buying one pallet will be more expensive than bulk purchases. This is because high volume orders will spread the cost of production, lowering the per pallet prices.


  • Shipping Costs


Although many people don’t stop to think about shipping, it also has a massive say in the overall cost of wooden pallets prices. Shipping costs vary based on the pallet order volume, the distance, the shipping company, and the shipping mode. For instance, the cost of transporting pallets within Nairobi will be lower than transporting wooden pallets outside Nairobi. The best thing to do is to find a wooden pallet manufacturer who is upfront and honest about the wooden pallet pieces.


  • New Wooden Pallet Prices Vs. Used Pallet Prices


New wooden pallets are generally more expensive than used or reclaimed wooden pallets. However, new wooden pallets will give you more service. What’s more, new wooden pallets are treated and are easy to customize. On the other hand, used wooden pallets might not be treated and give you fewer years of service.

Get Your Customized Wooden Pallet Quote Today

Instead of worrying about the prices of wooden pallets in Kenya, contact a reliable manufacturer to get your customized wooden pallet quote. Kenpack Limited is proud to deliver the highest quality wooden pallets for storage, air exports, and sea exports. Not only that, but we also manufacture the highest quality corner boards for palletization and cargo unitization to protect your cargo against damage in transit. Get in touch with us today to request your customized quote.

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